Protecting a concrete floor extends beyond joints.  The floor’s surface is particularly vulnerable to damage caused by impact and abrasion.  Using a surface hardener (commonly called dry-shake), is one of the most effective ways to protect the surface and extend the life of the floor.

RCR Flooring Products manufactures and supplies the Rocland brand of surface hardeners.  Information on these products can be found here, on the Rocland website.

What is a dry-shake surface hardener?

Dry-shake surface hardener is a granular substance which is which is sprinkled evenly over a fresh concrete floor while it is curing.  When it is power-trowelled the dry-shake blends with the surface of the concrete to create a durable topping, monolithic with the slab, which protects the concrete floor and extends its life.

Dry-shake surface hardeners comprise cement, aggregates, admixtures and pigments blended into a powder.  Different formulations are available to suit a range of applications.

Benefits of using a dry-shake surface hardener

Using a surface hardener offers many benefits:

  • It protects against damage caused by impact, punching, scraping and abrasion.
  • It reduces the lifetime cost of flooring repair and maintenance.
  • It improves the floor’s appearance.
  • It is a cost-effective way to add colour.  Different colours may be used to designate different areas of the floor.
  • For steel fibre reinforced concrete floors (SFRC) it helps to suppress any steel fibres near the surface.
  • It can add texture and slip resistance.
  • It can help the floor to reflect more light, reducing lighting and energy requirements.
  • It helps instil an attitude of care for the floor with building owners and users.
  • It can add value and saleability to an industrial building.

Dry-on-wet or wet-on-wet application

Although commonly sprinkled as a dry-powder (hence the name dry-shake), a surface hardener can also be applied as a wet-on-wet slurry.  Doing so adds extra protection, gives a deeper and richer finish, and greatly extends the life of the floor.

Colour choices

The Rocland brand offers a range of standard colours, but specific colours can be created too.  Please talk to RCR Flooring Products about your requirements at the earliest opportunity.

You can learn more about dry-shake surface hardeners by reading these helpful articles on the Rocland website.

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