AlphaJoint Classic 4010

The original – the Classic – AlphaJoint.  Well known as the ‘industry standard’ armoured joint, this remains a popular choice for many projects due to its strength and versatility.

AlphaJoint Classic 4010 (supplied for slab depths up to 140mm, and for 220mm to 240mm)


  • Heavy duty joint arris protection.
  • Shear studs securely anchor the joint into the slab along its length.
  • Resistant to twisting caused by the impact of wheeled traffic.
  • Efficient load transfer between adjacent concrete slabs with plate dowels.
  • Allows controlled horizontal slab movement, preventing random cracking.
  • Eliminate vertical movement between slabs during concrete contraction, for a level floor surface.
  • Supplied as one unit for easy handling and installation – the two sides are connected with frangible rivets which separate naturally after installation.
  • Also available with Permaflex ‘T’ tape system pre-installed as special order – contact our sales team for more information.

AlphaJoint Classic 4010 with universal divider plate (supplied for slab depths of 150mm to 200mm)


  • Suitable for a wide range of internal applications, but particularly heavy duty ones – such as industrial buildings and waste transfer stations.
  • Ideal for free movement areas, but also suitable for most other areas
  • Suitable for use with most vehicle types.
  • Suitable for larger joint openings, up to 30mm.

Alphajoint Variants

We have optimised the AlphaJoint Classic 4010 design to give our customers the right combination of strength and versatility for every slab.  We now supply three styles of AlphaJoint Classic 4010, depending on the slab depth.  All styles provide the benefits listed above and are suitable for all the applications shown.

  • For slab depths up to 140mm – our standard AlphaJoint Classic 4010 divider plate is supplied, as shown in the picture at the top of this page.
  • For slab depths from 150mm to 200mm – we supply our AlphaJoint Classic 4010 with a universal divider plate.  With pre-set positions, this can easily be set to multiple heights on site, which conveniently allows the same product to be used for different slab depths.
  • For slab depths from 220mm to 240mm – our standard AlphaJoint Classic 4010 divider plate is supplied, as shown in the picture at the top of this page.
  • For slab depths over 240mm – we supply a version of AlphaJoint 4010 with additional continuous concrete ties (see picture, right), to give extra reinforcement and rigidity for an easier installation.

AlphaJoint 4010 with rigid divider plate (supplied for slab depths over 240mm)

Please refer to the specification sheet for full technical details.

All our products comply with the Construction Products Regulation (Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011), and hold appropriate CE marking.

Areas of Application

  • Building Types
    • Distribution Centers
    • Food manufacturing
    • General Warehousing
    • Heavy Industry
    • Light Industry
    • Production facilities
  • Area of Use
    • Cold Stores
    • Defined movement areas
    • Food manufacturing
    • Free movement areas
    • Goods in / out
    • Heavy Industry
    • Indoor
    • Jointless floors
    • Light Industry
    • Production facilities
    • Retail developments
    • Threshold, doorway
    • Transfer aisles
    • Warehousing & Storage
  • Traffic Type
    • Heavy duty (small, hard wheels)
    • Medium duty (pneumatic tyres)
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