StripJoint provides the benefits of heavy duty joint armouring where timber formwork is used.  It simply screw-fixes to the top of the timber for the duration of the first concrete pour, and remains in place once the timber formwork is removed.  Joint armouring is provided by steel strips, similar in style to those used on our AlphaJoint 4010.


  • Heavy duty joint arris protection.
  • Compatible with timber formwork.
  • Made in one size, so can be used on a range of projects.
  • Joint arris protection through 10mm wide steel strips.
  • Shear studs securely anchor the joint into the slab along its length.
  • Resistant to twisting caused by the impact of wheeled traffic.
  • Can be used in conjunction with plate dowels or square dowel bars for load transfer.



  • Suitable for a wide range of internal applications, but particularly heavy duty ones – such as industrial buildings and waste transfer stations.
  • Ideal for free movement areas, but also suitable for most other areas
  • Suitable for use with all vehicle types.
  • Suitable for larger joint openings, up to 30mm.


Download our specification sheet for full information.

Please note, Diamond Dowels (pictured) are not available in the following territories: Mexico, Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand.


All our products conform to the Construction Products Regulation (Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011), and are CE marked where appropriate.
Make sure you only choose products which are proven to conform – it’s the law.

Areas of Application

  • Building Types
    • Light Industry
    • Production facilities
    • Retail developments
  • Area of Use
    • Food manufacturing
    • Goods in / out
    • Heavy Industry
    • Indoor
    • Light Industry
    • Production facilities
    • Retail developments
    • Threshold, doorway
  • Traffic Type
    • Heavy duty (small, hard wheels)
    • Medium duty (pneumatic tyres)
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