AlphaJoint Classic 4010

The original – the Classic – AlphaJoint.  Well known as the ‘industry standard’ armoured joint, this remains a popular choice for many projects due to its strength and versatility.

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AlphaJoint CSS

Named for the C-shaped profile of the stainless steel top strip, AlphaJoint CSS has radiused internal corners to help vehicles pass over the joint with minimal impact. 

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Permaban Wave

Permaban Wave combines a narrow top plate and a distinctive triple curve design, for impact-free joint protection that’s easy to install. 

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Permaban Eclipse

Eclipse is a tough, hard-working armoured joint for heavy-duty applications.  The high-tensile steel triangular section reinforces the top edge of the joint where vehicle wheels impact.

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BetaJoint provides a new approach to joint armouring for internal concrete floors.  Made with fewer raw materials than traditional joints, BetaJoint is lighter, yet remarkably robust.  

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BetaExpansion is the ideal leave-in-place formwork system for external applications, such as concrete hard-standings and roadways. 

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BetaEdge is the simple way to professionally protect construction joints in internal concrete floors.

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Permaban Signature

Permaban Signature’s clever half-hexagon shape prevents the wheels of materials handling vehicles from dropping into the gap between the two edges of the joint.

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Created specifically for use in large bay jointless concrete floors, this special armoured joint accommodates larger gap sizes, from 15mm up to 40mm. 

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Signature AR (arris repair)

Permaban Signature AR is an arris ‘repair and upgrade’ system for damaged construction joints in concrete floors.

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StripJoint provides the benefits of heavy duty joint armouring where timber formwork is used. 

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With three styles, and different height options, our Permasteel screed rail is versatile, durable, and quick and easy to install.

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Square Dowel Bars

Dowel bars are a more traditional approach to load transfer – however, our “Permasleeve” square dowel bars offer significant benefits over round dowels, with better resistance to bending and shear. 

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Diamond Dowel

Our Diamond Dowels are popular because they are so quick and easy to install, and economical too.  Designed for use with slabs on the ground, there’s no need to drill holes in the timber formwork. 

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TD Dowels

This dowel plate offers excellent load bearing, and resistance to bending and shear. 

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