iPort, Doncaster, UK

iPort is a massive new intermodal transport hub in the north of England. It’s where major international brands are taking vast warehousing spaces – and where Permaban AlphaJoint has been installed.

The 1.33 km² iPort site is strategically located to be easily accessible for all logistics modes. Close to the major M18 motorway and Doncaster/Sheffield airport, it is just 50 miles from the eastern seaports, and also boasts a 35 acre railway terminus.

iPort boasts 6 million square metres of quality warehousing space, which is now starting to be occupied by major retail and distribution brands.

Flooring contractor Malin Floors has created the concrete floor for one of the distribution centre buildings at iPort, building iP2a2. It is one of five major projects taking place on the site, and contains a combination of warehousing and office space.

During a 16 day pour programme Malin installed 261 lengths of Permaban AlphaJoint Classic 4010 supplied with integral TD8 plate dowels. Around 5,500 square dowel bars with sleeves were also used for load transfer between slab sections.

International flooring consultant Monofloor, part of the RCR group, also provided technical guidance on the project.

The floor was completed in April 2017. Development of further units will continue at iPort during 2017 through to 2018.

Project Key Facts

Logistics hub

Doncaster, UK

AlphaJoint Classic 4010, Square Dowel Bars,

Main contractor
Buckingham Group Contracting Ltd

Malin Floors


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